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Written by Steve Voller on 29th September 2019
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There is nothing worse than wasting your time filling out spreadsheets with your monthly mileage, looking at your calendar and trying to match up the distances from Google maps and then figure out if you had been somewhere else first, was it a return journey, which way did you go etc. Or worse still, you didnt do your mileage expenses for 6 months and are now catching up.

We originally looked at MileIQ back in 2017 and since then it has continued to improve, it's one of those apps that has become an essential tool in saving time.



There is a free version of MileIQ but this is limited to 40 free drives per month, if you need more than that you  can buy unlimited journeys for $5.99 per month or just make use of what you probably already have and get it free with your Office 365 subscription.

In a nutshell, this utility will save hours in time filling out mileage expense claims, it is so easy to use that you can pick it up in minutes and be up and running.

So what are the key benefits

  • The interface is really simple to use and nicely laid out. It hasnt changed drastically in the last 2 years, because it was good to begin with.
  • There is a web portal for quick access and completing tasks from your desktop. This is where you can edit drives, manage reports and get a summary of your trips.
  • You can identify different vehicles, even motor bikes and cycles that have different mileage rates.
  • Automated mileage recording, just install the app and leave it running on your phone. You don’t have to remember to start and stop the recording!
  • Each day or week whatever suits you open the app and you will see a summary of each journey. Swipe left for personal. Swipe right for business. It’s that simple.
  • The app will remember common journeys and you can automatically classify these as personal or business, automating your work commute or family trips at the weekend.
  • Automatically classify journeys based upon shift patterns/time windows.
  • The app will generate a weekly or monthly reports and email it to your designated mail address. Just send it through to the finance department and you’re done.
  • You can quickly go back from the app, resend a report, re-classify a drive.
  • There is now centralised admin for a company to  control all the MileIQ users, add new users including bulk imports, remove access, set a company wide rate for mileage
  • Integration with Xero, Freshbooks and Concur has been added. You can submit MileIQ reports straight in to Xero.
  • There are some incentives for Accountants and discounts for their customers (20%) if they dont have Office 365.


What does it look like?

Add a new vehicle to the application, you can add multiple vehicles and select these for journeys. You can now add a drive to the correct vehicle automatically using the connected bluetooth device. If you use more than one vehicle this saves time remembering which one you were driving.

MileIQ Add Vehicle 

Create a custom reason for your journeys to help classify your trips.


Make those trips and simply swipe left for personal and right for business

MileIQ Journey Screen


Set the tax rate for different types of vehicle, or use the current HMRC rates

MileIQ Tax Rates


Simplify reports by using easily recognisable names

MileIQ Location Names


Automate classification of drives within set times, if you have set shifts and patterns you can start to automate the classification within days and times of the week.

Mile IQ Working Hours


Review summary information within the portal.



Edit and send reports.




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