Fitness Devices made unusable by Ransomware?

Written by Matthew Harris on 15th March 2017
Cyber Security

I guess it hand to happen. I'm such a fine figure of a man, that someone would be interested and keen enough to want to hold my fitness data to Ransom. The problem is, I might just be willing to pay to have my device locked, so I don't have to look at it !

The real point though, is that Ransomware is getting prevalent and pervasive. You get any of your devices that hold important information like images, personal and financial data as well as your “not quite fit as I could be” data, could be open to attack. While it may not be the end of the world, it’s becoming more and more of a distraction and barely a day goes by without me hearing a personal story about this.

Cyber criminals are becoming more aggressive and sophisticated. Combine that with biological infections and viruses, the longer you leave it before treatment, the more significant the symptoms and potential damage could be. 

Do you have a best practice around cyber security?

  1. User awareness training
  2. Layered, Next Generation Cyber Security Protection
  3. Recoverable backups that are off line
  4. Monitoring of devices and network to identify hidden malware  


BBC -  Cyber security: Experts warn on rise of hacker ransoms


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