Watchout there is a new ransomware attack on the way and its worse than Wannacry!

Written by Steve Voller on 27th June 2017
Cyber Security


It looks like there is another big ransomware attack in progress and it’s worse than the Wannacry outbreak that affected the NHS last month.

Initial reports suggest the ransomware began spreading across East Europe affected the Ukraine badly before moving on to the UK, US, and other countries. It has reportedly compromised networks from a large number of organisations, including delivery company TNT, advertising agency WPP, the pharmaceutical firm Merck and shipping firm Maersk.

The ransomware is unusual in that it encrypts the device data and the boot records of the PC effectively stopping the PC from starting.  At this point, the PC would need to be wiped, reloaded completely, restored or alternatively unlocked by paying the ransom, which is approx $300 in bitcoins.

Reports are suggesting that the ransomware exploits the Microsoft vulnerability fixed in a security update released in March 2017 (MS17-010). If you don’t have the latest cumulative security updates then make sure you apply them.

Action Plan

  • Make sure your systems are patched and up to date.
  • Make sure your backups are in place and working.
  • Deploy anti-ransomware products such as Sophos InterceptX.

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