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Written by Steve Voller on 3rd October 2017
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Does this picture take you back, or are you just wondering what is it?

Atari Console

I remember growing up in the 70's and 80's when computer games were purely console based. The first game I remember was ping pong which was mildly addictive, even though it was extremely simple. There had just been nothing like it before to compare it to. We even had a light gun attachment for shooting at the TV slightly later. However, it was the Atari that was the follow-on successor and favourite and I remember these games being available to rent from the local video library.

Now some of you are going to be too young to remember videos, but yes, you did have to leave the house to go and rent a video. You normally had the chance to get a bottle of coke or lemonade and some crisps at the same time.

Those early console games were fairly blocky and you can still play them now online, and two of my favourites were Pacman and Frogger.

This online version probably has better graphics than the console version and looks more like an arcade quality setup.

Play Pacman



This Frogger looks and feels like the original.

 Play Frogger


However, the real treat was to go to an arcade and play on the real games machines, and the old classic Space Invaders. Now a few years after this came the game that really got me addicted, Galaxians. There was something about the sound it made when firing the laser and the frantic sound the aliens made as the dropped down  The real trick was to get the trio of alien spaceships on the attack.

Play Galaxians


So if you remember any of these, or have some favourites of your own let us know and we will try and find them for you.

My high score on Galaxians at the moment is 5000, let us see who can get the highest score.



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