3 Top Tips on Network & Device Security

Written by Matthew Harris on 22nd November 2017


GDPR – Top 3 Tips on Network & Device Security


Default passwords
Covering Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC’s, WiFi Router/Hub, Printers, Desk Phones, Servers, Disk Storage (NAS & SAN), CCTV Camera, IoT Devices such as smart fridge, lamp controllers etc. Note. Highlighted are higher risk.

Actions: Make sure ALWAYS change username and password at first login. Then store the username and password in a password vault, not on a post it or a diary in your draw!


Change passwords
Actions: Use the password vault to track and create password changes so if someone has gotten access to your systems, the change will lock them out.


Default phone app settings
When you download an app for your phone, you are more than likely to do the same as the rest of us and skip though the T&C’s. There is also a list of what systems this app needs access to, which we also sort of ignore (as we want the app?).

  • Check that the app is legitimate, there a lot of malware apps that look like the app you want
  • Turn off the functions you don’t need in the app in your phones settings
  • Each Qtr, check each app for what it can and can’t connect to. ie, camera, contacts, microphone etc as updates sometimes reset these settings to their advantage.  



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