Backup Solutions

Every business relies on its data, a good backup solution is a minimum requirement for every company.

On-Premises & Cloud Backup

Backups are one of the essential systems for every business, and whether it’s a traditional tape backup or online solution, we have a solution to fit. A data loss can impact a business in many ways including expensive downtime, leading to loss of business reputation and possibly regulatory fines.

We provide business backup solutions from Microsoft, Veeam, Dell (Quest), Veritas and Solarwinds. We can provide the licenses, plan and manage the deployment and then proactively test the backups every month to ensure they are working.

Online & Cloud Backups

With more companies moving to the cloud we provide a UK/EU based online backup solution with an ISO27001 datacentre, ensuring you know where your data is and that it is data is being managed professionally. We will provide you with a fully managed solution that includes 28 days and monthly backups to ensure you have adequate recovery and retention for all your data.

With full support for physical servers and virtual environments we can protect your key systems and mobile workers. The solution can be fully managed and maintained by us including test restores of your data on a regular basis. We recommend these are completed monthly.

Tape & Disk Backups

Tape and disk backup still play an important role in many companies backup strategies, with large storage requirements easily catered for and durable media for offsite location we can provide a complete range of tape drive and autoloaders.

If you are looking for fast disk backups and need a network storage solution, then we provide a range of NAS and SAN solutions from Dell Equallogic, HP, Qnap and Synology. We can integrate this with the software of your choice including Symantec, Dell (Quest), and Veeam.

If you have questions or need a personalised plan, contact us and we will study your requirements and offer a customised solution.

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