Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

We can provide peace of mind that should a disaster strike you are prepared using at a small and medium sized cost model.

Disasters don’t have to mean earth quakes and other physical events, in the modern age a disaster is anything that stops you working and takes down your I.T services for an extended period. We work with you to build a working disaster recovery and business continuity model.

Recover your data

Protect your important data from loss

Without a good backup system, recovering your data could be impossible. A good data backup system should be documented, maintained and tested regularly to ensure that it works when you need it. We can monitor your backups for you and provide you with a monthly report to show you everything is working.

Recover your systems

Protect your key systems, from failure

In a modern network protecting your business systems is key, understanding how they are linked and the effects of a failure are important. This means incorporating backup systems that work at the data and system level, we can test the recovery of these systems offsite, without interruption to your business. Being familiar with the process speeds up the recovery and reduces the risk of failure.

Recover your business

Protect your business if a disaster strikes

If you need to know your business is protected from disaster then we can provide a range of options. We work with Cogeco/Peer1 to provide co-located and hosted solutions for customers requiring a Disaster Recovery site when a second office isn’t available. With a choice of installing your own equipment or renting servers in an enterprise level datacentre, the cost of protecting your business can be economically realised. With your key systems replicated offsite a rapid failover can be achieved and accessed by authorised employees when you need it.

Online Backup Solutions

Onsite backup solutions using traditional tape technology through to data replication are now commonplace. We can design a suitable solution, implement it, and monitor and test it regularly.

Online backup solutions have matured and are now practical and cost effective and we utilise UK and EU data centres to ensure our customer data is protected. We can scale our solutions to suit small, medium and large businesses.

Proactive Test Restores

We utilise our online backup solution to reduce costs and to increase reliability. By building in a solution that can perform both the backup and recovery tasks we can ensure that your system is known to be working. We recommend a proactive monthly test for all backup systems. This ensures that recovery processes are familiar and regularly tested not just when something goes wrong.

Scheduled DR/BC Testing

We don’t leave it there, we will help you with ongoing testing at regular intervals with proof that your solutions are working. If circumstances change we will help you maintain the solution so it continues to meet your needs.

If you have questions or need a personalised plan, contact us and we will study your requirements and offer a customised solution.

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